The Good Seed

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Long time ago, there lived a boy in China named Dink.
The king of that land had no children. One day, he announced that whoever grew the most beautiful flower would become his successor. Young men from all over the kingdom were given seeds by the king.
Dink too planted his seed. He took great care to make it grow. But to his dismay, even after two months the seed remained as it was, while his friends’ seeds had grown into lovely flowers. Dink was very worried. He changed the soil in the pot and waited for the seed to grow. But a year passed and still the seed did not grow. The next year, all the young men carried their flowerpots to the king’s palace. The king looked at all the flowers. When he saw Dink, he asked, “Why did you bring an empty pot?” Dink narrated the whole story to the king. The king smiled. He was impressed by Dink’s honesty. The king said to the others, “The seeds I gave you all had been cooked. So it was impossible for them to grow. Only this boy has been honest. Only he deserves to be my successor.”

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