The Good Brother

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Once upon a time three princes set out in search of adventures. The two older brothers made fun of their kind-hearted younger brother, who was called Simon.

On their way, they came across an anthill. The older brothers wanted to destroy it, but Simon would not let them do so. After a while, they wanted to kill the ducks swimming in the lake. Again, Simon stopped them from doing so. A little later. they came to a tree with a big beehive. “Let’s build a fire. This will suffocate the bees and we can get their honey,” suggested one brother. Again. Simon spoiled their plan.

Finally, the princes reached an enchanted castle. “If you want to deliver the castle from enchantment. you have to perform three tasks. You have to collect a thousand pearls lying below the moss. By sunset, even if one pearl is missing, you will be turned into Stone,” said the quaint little man at the castle door. “The key to the princess’s chamber lies at the bottom of the lake. Once the chamber is open you must pick out the youngest princess.” The older brothers failed and were turned into Stone.

When it was Simon’s turn, the ants he had saved, collected all the pearls. The ducks brought the key of the princess’s chamber from the water. The queen of the bees recognised the youngest princess for Simon, by tasting her lips. The princess had had honey before falling asleep.

Simon was very happy. He married the princess and became the king.

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