The Goat and the Goatherd

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There was once an adventurous Goat. He was young, frisky and curious. He would ask, “What lies on the other side?” The other Goats just bleated and ate more grass.

The Goatherd would try very hard to bring this Goat back in time. The Goat would try his best to be free as long as possible.

One day, as usual, the Goat went exploring.

“Oh, no! That naughty Goat is missing again! Where has he gone now?” cried the angry Goatherd.

The Goatherd whistled till his throat dried up. He blew his horn till he was red in the face.

Tired of everything and wanting to get home to a warm supper and fire, the Goatherd threw a stone at the distant Goat.

This stone hit the Goat’s horn, which broke into two pieces.

The Goatherd was scared that the Master would shout at him for breaking the horn. So, he said to the Goat, “I beg you, do not tell the Master that I broke your horn.”

The Goat said, “You silly fellow, I won’t have to say a thing. The broken horn will tell its own story!”

Do not attempt to hide things, which cannot be hidden.

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