The Gnat and the Lion

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Once a gnat said to a lion, “I do not fear you at all. You are not stronger than me. All you know is how to show your claws and bare your teeth. I am much more powerful than you are. If you do not believe me then let us fight and see who wins. This will prove who is the stronger of the two.”

Saying this, the gnat stung the lion on the nostrils and the other parts of his face.

The lion used his claws to swat the gnat and ended up hurting himself very badly.

Thus, the gnat was able to overpower the lion and feeling victorious, flew away.

Soon, he found himself stuck in a cobweb and was eaten by the spider. He could not believe what had happened to him.

He cried, “How is it possible that I, who defeated the mighty lion, should fall prey to this tiny insect!”

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