The Gnat and the Bee

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One cold morning, a Gnat flew all over in search of food. The Gnat had spent the entire spring singing and dancing in the fields. He had not collected any food for the cold winter season.

The Gnat was cold and starving. Flying, he came to a beehive. He met the Queen Bee and said to her, “Oh kind Bee, I haven’t had anything to eat, since morning I do not even have a warm place to rest. Please be kind enough to give me some honey and a place to rest.”

The Bee politely refused to help the Gnat.

The Gnat spoke again, “I will teach your children music in exchange of food and shelter. Please take pity on me and help me.” The Bee said to the Gnat, politely, “I am sorry for your sad state, Gnat, but I prefer to teach my children honey collection. You would teach them music but it will not fill their stomachs. I do not want my children to suffer, like you, in the cold winter weather.”

The Gnat was ashamed of his carelessness and flew away from the bee-hive.

It is important to be useful rather than just skilful!

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