Once, there lived a beautiful girl named Amelia.

One day, Amelia was climbing the stairs to the attic to play with her toys. Alas! Her frock, made out of muslin cloth, was torn by a sharp nail. When Amelia saw the torn hem of her favourite frock, she became very sad. She kept crying for a long time. Hearing her sobs, a Spider who was busy weaving his web, came out. He asked, “What makes this beautiful girl sad?”

Amelia looked at him and sobbed. She said, “My lovely frock is torn. I am very sad.”

The Spider smiled and said, “Look at me! I work so hard in weaving my web. It takes hours and hours to create my home and only a second for it to be destroyed. I had made my home only yesterday. It was  ashed away by your maid this morning. I was also very sad. Then I thought that instead of being sad, I should start weaving my home, again. So, don’t cry now. Mend your frock, instead. That way, your precious tears won’t be wasted.”

Do not waste time in thinking of what is lost.

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