The Gingerbread Man

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A little old man and a little old woman stayed in a cottage.

One day, the woman made a gingerbread man for dinner. She decorated the gingerbread man with eyes made of currants and buttons made of cherries. But when she took out gingerbread man from the oven, he jumped out and ran away.

The old woman and her husband ran after him but gingerbread man was too fast for them. Neither the pig, nor the cow, nor the horse who followed, could outrun gingerbread man. Now, the gingerbread man came to a river and didn’t know how to cross it. A sly fox came up to him and offered to help him to cross the river. He asked him to sit on his tail but gingerbread man began to get wet. Then the fox told him to sit on his back and finally on his nose.

No sooner did gingerbread man sit on the fox’s nose, that the sly fox tossed him and gobbled him up.

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