The Giant and the Tailor

Once, there lived a tailor who was very proud. He hardly did any work and decided to go abroad and seek his fortune in the world.

On the way he met a big giant. The giant invited him to stay with him provided he searched for food for him. The frightened tailor kept wonder­ing how he could escape from the giant.

When the giant ordered him to fetch a jug of water, the tailor boasted that he could get the whole well. Hearing this, the giant was alarmed. When the giant asked him to get wood, the tailor declared that he could bring the whole forest. The giant, who was actually very timid, was terri­fied and wanted to get rid of the tailor.

The next day, the giant told him to sit on the branch of a tree and bend it. The tailor drew in his breath so hard that he was hurled high into the air and was never seen again. He had learnt his lesson for being so vain.

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