The Generous Brother

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Evening, Midnight and Sunrise were three powerful brothers. One day, they set out to search for the king’s missing daughters in the forest.

In the forest, the three brothers went out hunting. When Evening killed a sheep, a man beat him up for killing the animal. When his brothers enquired, Evening felt ashamed to tell the truth and said that he fell down. The next day when the man beat up Midnight, he too gave a similar reason for his injury. Finally, Sunrise beat up the man on the third day and mocked his brothers saying, “I have resolved the problem of your injuries.”

When Sunrise rescued the missing girls from a cave, the king decided to honour him by crowning him the next king.

Thinking that Sunrise would not allow them to stay in the palace, Midnight and Evening decided to leave. However, Sunrise stopped them saying they would all stay together like a happy family.

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