The gardener

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Wills was a gardener. He was pious. He was always active. He was never lazy. Above all he was honest. He had worked hard when he was young. He became old. He had two children.

One day Wills called his children and asked,   “My dear children, have you seen my garden?”

“Yes father, why not ?”

“Look. You know the trees in the garden bear sweet fruits.”

“Yes father ! It is a very beautiful garden. Have we not tasted the fruits ? oh! They are delicious.”

The gardener saw his own hands. A spade was kept in the corner. He also saw the spade. His hands got wrinkled. He drew his children’s hands. They were too soft. They had not worked till date.

Wills said : “My children, you have not worked a single day in your life time. I have my own doubt whether you work or not in future also. But I have hidden huge treasure in between two trees. Both of you dig the earth and try to acquire the property. The property is your’s. But you have to put strenous effort.”

Telling so, the gardener died.

The sons didn’t delay. They were so happy that they get huge money so that they can live happily. So they took the spade kept in the corner of the house and started digging to earth in between two trees. They worked hard for the whole week. They removed weeds, stones and shales. They cleaned the ground. They didn’t find any treasure beneath the ground. They digged the earth between the other trees also. They did not get any property there also. In a few days they saw the trees full of sweet fruits.

Both of them plucked them and sold them out in the market. They got huge sum of money. They understood the value of labour. Both of them decided to work hard and bring a name to their father. They also understood what their father said about the treasure.

       MORAL: There is nothing equal to honest work.

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