The Gardener and the Donkey

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John had a big farm. Every week he went to the market to get more seeds and manure for his garden. John would always take his donkey along to carry the load. But every time he overloaded his donkey.

Once he went to the market and got huge sacks of manure. On the way back home, he loaded his donkey as usual. The climb to the town was steep. Along the way, John saw some wood and thought, “This would be useful in my garden.” He placed some logs on the donkey saying; “This is hardly any weight.”

After sometime, he came across some sugarcane fields. “Let me have one or two,” he thought aloud and loaded the donkey again. After climbing for a while, John felt hot and unbuttoned his coat. As he was about to place it on the donkey, the donkey collapsed and couldn’t get up. John realised his mistake and was never ever unkind to his donkey again.

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