The Frog Girl

Once, there lived a poor childless couple. They longed for a child. After many years, the woman gave birth to a baby. But to their astonishment, instead of a normal human child, it was a girl frog! The couple raised their frog child with as much love as they would have given a normal child. She grew up to be an excellent singer. One day, a prince was passing by. Enchanted by her voice he exclaimed, “What a lovely voice! I wish to marry the owner of this melodious voice.” Little did he know that the singer was actually a frog! The frog girl agreed to marry the prince on one condition. “I will enter the palace and bridal chamber in an enclosed carriage,” she said. The prince agreed and they were married. At night, the frog hopped on to the bed but the prince pushed it away in disgust. The poor frog girl was heartbroken and went back home. Days passed. One day the prince once again passed by her house and heard her singing. He again wanted to marry the singer. This time the frog girl agreed to marry him without any condition. She sat in a little carriage that was pulled by a rooster. On the way, the prince met three fairies who gifted him with a fine horse carriage and many servants. The third fairy turned the frog girl into a beautiful maiden. After that, the maiden and the prince lived happily ever after.

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