The Fox in the Well

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On a rainy day, an unlucky Fox slipped into a well. The Fox was able to keep his head above the water, with much difficulty. He placed his claws on the wall of the well for support but kept slipping back again and again.

A Wolf was passing by the well. He heard some noise coming from inside and peeped in.

The Wolf was a good friend of the Fox and was shocked to see him fallen in the well.

Seeing the Fox in the unfortunate situation, the Wolf asked him, “Dear brother, how come you are down in the well? You must be feeling so cold? How did you fall in there and how long has it been? I am so unhappy to see you down there. Please do tell me all about this!”

The Fox interrupted the Wolf and said, “My kind brother, if you could throw in a rope, it will be of more help than your questions. Once I have my feet on the ground, I’ll tell all about the incident.”

In crisis, actions are more helpful than questions!

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