The Fox and the Woodcutter

Once a hunter was chasing a fox. The fox met a woodcutter and begged him to show him a hiding place and save his life.

The woodcutter showed him his hut. The fox crept in quickly and kept a watch outside. When the hunter came looking for the fox, the woodcutter pointed to the hut, but aloud he said he had not seen a fox. The hunter did not understand his signal and left.

Once the hunter was gone, the fox came out and was about to leave when the woodcutter said, “How ungrateful of you to leave without even thanking me for saving your life.”

The fox turned back and replied sternly, “I would have thanked you provided your actions were as truthful as your words. You chose to help the hunter thinking that I would not see.”

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  1. bu kitap bana göre oduncunun tilki ile ne yaşadığını anlatıyor siz de okuyun benim gibi gönderin sevgilerle arda

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