The Fox and the Lapp

Once upon a time there was a cunning fox. One day, he lay in his cave feeling bored.

Suddenly he heard an approaching sledge. “Let me try out a trick,” he thought. He then lay on the road, pretending to be dead.

Soon a Laplander passed by and saw the fox. “Oh! I will take this dead fox to the market.” decided the Laplander and put the fox on his sledge. After some time, the Laplander found the fox lying on the road again. “How is this possible? I had put this by in my sledge. It must be bewitched. I will put it in the other sledge,” thought the Laplander and placed the fox in the sledge full of dead fish. The sly by picked up a bagful of fish and slipped into the jungle. After some time the Laplander realised something was wrong, but he was too late. The fox had already taken his fish!

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