The Fox and the Horse

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Once upon a time a peasant had a faithful horse. When the horse grew old, the peasant decided to drive out the frail animal. He ordered the old horse to return only if he managed to get a lion.

The horse was very sad and left his master’s house. On the way, the horse met a kind fox and told him his story. The fox asked him to follow his instructions.

He asked the horse to pretend to be dead. Meanwhile, he went and invited a lion to eat the horse. The fox suggested that the lion should rather drag the horse to his cave and enjoy his meal there. Then the clever fox asked the lion to turn around so that he could tie the horse to his tail. However, as soon as the lion turned to do so, the fox immediately tied the lion’s feet to the horse’s tail.

The horse galloped away with the lion tied to his tail. When he reached home, his master was very pleased and kept him in service again.

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