The Fox and the Cockerel

Once, a sly fox got inside a coop and caught Chanti, the cock, by its neck. The other hens squawked with fear on seeing this. The farmer, his wife, and their dogs came running out to see what had happened. Seeing the sly fox, they understood at once what the matter was. Since Chanti was the farmer’s most-loved cock, everyone started chasing the fox to rescue him, including the dogs, who kept barking as they ran.

Chanti, who was in the fox’s jaws, jeered at him “What kind of a fox are you? They call you

names and you don’t even reply?”

Insulted by this remark, the fox shouted, “You blockheads, you will never catch me.” The moment he opened his mouth, Chanti fell out, and at once flew to the nearest tree. Using its wits, the cock had saved himself.

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