The Fox and the Bramble

Peter Fox was a grumpy and selfish fox. One day, he saw some kids gamboling alone in a field across a hedge. “They will make such a delicious meal.” he thought, his mouth watering. He was climbing up the hedge, when suddenly, he slipped and was about to fall. He quickly clutched a thorny bramble to save himself. “Ouch! Ooooh! Help,” exclaimed the fox in pain. The bramble had pricked the fox all over and hurt him badly. He rubbed his sore body unhappily. The fox became angry and said to the bramble, “I held on to you for help but you pricked me! I wish I had fallen on the hedge instead. The hedge wouldn’t have hurt me this badly!” The bramble replied,” You are so selfish! I saved you from falling. Instead of thanking me, all you can think of are the M., pricks you got! To the selfish, the whole world seems selfish!”

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