The Fox and the Ass

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One morning, a Fox was crossing a farmyard. The Farmer had laid a trap for the Fox in which he got caught.

An Ass was watching the Fox struggling to free himself from the trap. The Ass knew that since the Fox was trapped, it was safe for him to take a closer look.

When the Fox saw the Ass, he addressed him in the most polite manner saying, “Dear cousin, how have you been? See, what an unfortunate situation I am trapped in, all because of you.”

The Ass did not understand why!

The Fox continued, “You see brother, I was quietly going to my house but I heard you bray, loudly. I thought you might be in trouble and turned around to see if I could be of help. But, I got trapped myself. Now, you must help me out of it. Please fetch me a pointed stick from the farm to open the trap.” The Ass heard the Fox and ran to tell the Farmer about it. The Farmer immediately took a sturdy stick to teach the Fox a lesson against all future mischief!

Never trust cunning people.

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