The Fowler and the Viper

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Once upon a time there was a fowler who lived in the village with his wife and two children. Once, on a bright and sunny day, he took his birdlime and twigs, and set out to catch some birds.

After walking for some time, he took out his pitcher and drank water. It was very hot so he sat under a tree and took a nap. When he woke up, he saw a thrush sitting on a tree in front of him. He watched the bird closely for some time and fitted his twigs to a proper length.

While he was thus looking, he did not realise that a viper lay sleeping before his feet. Suddenly, he felt a painful sting on his foot. The viper bit him and he began to swoon in pain. He sadly wondered, “I wanted to hunt a bird but it is my bad luck that someone else has trapped me to death.”

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