The Fountain of Youth

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An old woodcutter and his wife had spent many happy years together. But now that they were getting old. They were afraid that death would separate them.

One day, the woodcutter went to the forest. He lost his way and came to a fountain. He was very thirsty. so lie drank some water from the fountain. But as soon as fie did that, lie became young again. Now, he just looked twenty years old. He realized that he had found the fountain of youth!

Happily he ran home, to his wife, who at first could not recognise him. But when she was told about the fountain she also wanted to be young again and ran to the forest.

The woodcutter followed her to the fountain of youth only to find a baby girl near it. He realised that his wife had drunk too much of the magic water. But he took the baby girl home and brought her up, and they lived happily for many more years.

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