The Foolish Guard

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Once there was a king who had a monkey as his friend and pet. He loved the monkey very much, fed him fresh fruits from the royal fruit orchards and even dressed him in finery. He, trusted the monkey- friend very much.

One day the king decided to keep the monkey as his personal guard so that he could have the monkey with him all the time. The king then took the monkey everywhere from the battleground to the court and every time he travelled out of the kingdom.

Now the monkey loved the king with the same intensity and was very proud and happy at having been appointed as the king’s personal guard. He had decided to carry out his duty with utmost devotion.

The king kept the monkey with him all the time so when the king slept the monkey would guard the bed-chamber. He would see that no one disturbed the king when he slept and used to fan the king as he slept.

As is known, the royal bed-chamber is bedecked with flower-pots and various perfumes and fragrances waft through its environs.  Attracted by these a bee once buzzed in through an open window as the king took his afternoon nap. As usual, the monkey sat by the king’s bed fanning him. When the monkey spotted the bee, he tried to chase it away by using his fan. But the bee lingered on buzzing around the king’s face. When after  continuous efforts the bee did not leave, the monkey was angered. Just then the bee settled itself on the king’s forehead. Angry as he was and in his devoted zeal to protect the king, the monkey drew out the king’s sword  that lay on the table. He promptly lifted the sword and struck at the bee on the king’s forehead. Alas 1 the obvious impact split the king’s head in two and brought the king’s end.


One should not make friends with a fool.


Sensible foes are better than foolish.

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