The Fly and the Mule

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One day, a Mule was dragging a chariot (two-wheeled vehicle used for races). The Mule was so tired, it seemed he was drunk.

While he was walking, a Fly came and sat on the wheel of the vehicle. She said toB14 the Mule, “Oh you drunken Mule, why do you walk so slow? You look like a strong and big beast then why can’t you walk a little faster?”

The Mule was very angry. The Fly’s behaviour made !aim furious. He turned to the Fly and said, “My dear little friend, I am not scared of you. I do not pay attention to what you say regarding me.”

He continued, “I only care about the person who rides the cart. He is my guide. I follow his command and he gives me the direction to walk. If I walk slowly, he increases my speed by beating me with his stick. Therefore, you go away. I don’t want to talk to someone who is rude to me.”

“I know when I have to walk fast and at what time I should walk slowly!”

It is foolish to guide someone who knows his job well.

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