The First Monkey

Once there lived an old woman and her grandson in a hut. The old woman worked hard to feed her grandson and herself but her grandson was a lazy boy. He did not help her in her work and took her money and spent it all on his friends.

One day, he came home hungry. “Where is my food?” he demanded. Alas! The food was not ready. He became angry and finding coconuts lying on the ground, threw them at his grandmother. “Food’ Food! Food!” he chanted stamping his foot. The good behaviour fairy was passing by. “I’ll teach this boy manners!” she thought. She waved her magic wand and whoosh . . . the boy turned into a furry animal with a long tail. When his friends saw him they threw stones at him. Lo! They too turned into animals. The people drove them out of the town.

The boy and his friends then began living on trees and came to be known as monkeys.

47 thoughts on “The First Monkey

  1. fantastic ,but are you sure that when you are lazy you should turn into monkey .For me in the future when we are lazy ,we became int beggars and poor people.

  2. Anneonghaseyo! Thank you because I did my assignment in English! Sorry if my grammar is incorrect since I’m from Daegu, South Korea!!!

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