The First Messenger

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Flurry was a little girl. She lived in a big house which was surrounded by many trees. One bright morning Flurry woke up and decided to go for a walk. Suddenly she heard a soft whistle. She looked around but saw nothing. The whistle sounded again. Now Flurry looked at her house. There was no one there either. The lilting whistle sounded a third time. Now Flurry looked at the tree. She saw a beautiful blue bird. Flurry leapt with joy. It was a Bluebird! “Where have you come from Bluebird,” she asked curiously. “I was spending time in warm Australia. But now that spring’s here again, I am back,” explained the little bird. “And why do you whistle?” she asked. “I want to spread the news all over that spring is here!” said the Bluebird and flew off to another tree.

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