The Farmer's Wife and the Crow

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A Farmer and his Wife lived in a village. The Farmer grew vegetables on his farm. His Wife sold them in the market.

One day, the Farmer’s Wife went to sell vegetables in the market. With the money earned from selling the vegetables, she bought some eggs.

Then she sat on her horse to go home and carried the basket, full of eggs, in her lap. She was very excited with the profits made during the day.

The Farmer’s Wife rode carelessly and dreamt of things she would buy with the money. Suddenly, all the eggs in the basket fell on the ground and broke.

The Farmer’s Wife was very unhappy. She blamed a Crow that sat on a tree branch, screeching loudly. She shouted, “Fool! Why did you make so much noise? I was surprised to hear your unpleasant voice and so all the eggs broke.”

The Crow replied, “Lady, you were not careful while riding, and were lost in your thoughts. You should not blame me for your fault!”

The Farmer’s Wife was ashamed of her behaviour. She realised her mistake and apologised to the Crow.

One should not blame others for their own faults.

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