One evening, a Farmer returned home from his farm. He had left his baby asleep in the cradle. His faithful Dog was watching over the child.

When the Farmer reached the room, he saw the baby’s cradle turned upside down and blood everywhere. The baby was missing.

The Farmer understood that a beast had killed his baby. Now he was very sad and upset.

Then he saw that his Dog was lying quietly with blood on his mouth and body. The Farmer was so angry that he picked up a an axe and hit the Dog. The poor Dog cried out in pain and died.

The Farmer now rushed to the turned cradle and lifted it. His little son was perfectly safe and sleeping, peacefully!

A big, ugly Snake lay dead near the cradle.

The Farmer was shocked. He was happy that his baby was safe, but very sad that his beloved Dog was dead.

Now he understood that his Dog had fought and killed the Snake to save the baby. He realised his mistake.

He had killed his loyal Dog without thinking. Sadly, he picked up his baby.

Do not make any decision when you are angry.

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