There was a rich farmer who had worked hard all his life. But now, he had grown old and was ailing. He was oil his deathbed. He wanted to be sure that after his death, his sons would give the same attention to the farm as he had given throughout his life.

He called his sons to his bedside and said, “My sons, I have something important to share with you. There is a great treasure lying hidden in one of my vineyards. If you dig properly, you will find it and will become very rich.”

After the farmer’s death, the sons started digging every portion of file land. They continued to dig for days and days but did not find the treasure. But their labour did not go in vain. This time the vines produced an abundant crop of high quality and they became rich.

They realised the meaning of the treasure their father had talked about.

Real wealth lies in hard work.

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