The Enemy’s Advice

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It is well known that crabs and herons have been enemies since ages but sometimes grief and sudden loss does affect one’s power of thinking wisely. Thus, a heron fell prey to a crab’s wicked trick.

A heron once stood by a lake with a grim face. From a distance a crab had been watching him for along. So he enquired.

“Dear Uncle, what ails you so see you are very sad and grief-stricken today?”

“Dear, Dear, what do I tell you?” cried the heron. “We have been living happily on the nearby tree for years. All our previous generations have grown up on it but alas there would be no more herons on this tree I”

“Why is it so, Uncle Ps questioned the crab.

“It is because a snake has come to live in the tree-hole and he eats up our chicks each time they hatch. I have no way of getting rid of the devil.”

“Uncle, I have a remedy for you,” suggested the crab. “A mongoose lives in a hole on a nearby tree. All you have to do is put a trail of fresh fish from the mongoose’s hole to the snake’s tree-hole. The mongoose will follow the trail feeding on the fish and when he reaches the snake’s hole they will surely fight. The snake will be killed by the mongoose and you would be free from all troubles.”

The heron thanked the crab profusely for his advice and soon set out to carry out the plan.

The plan did work but after killing the snake the mongoose ate up the heron’s chicks too.


Think before you act.

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