The Enchanted Valley

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In the Enchanted Valley, during autumn, there was a terrible fire. The people were very troubled.

“Let us go to the powerful magician named Man of Ice. He is sure to help us,” said one man. They went to the magician. The great mail let down his long flowing hair and swung it vigorously. There were huge gusts of wind followed by rain. But the fire was not put out. The rain turned to snow and still the fire did not stop. “Run! The Man of Ice cannot help us,” said the people cursing him. The Man of Ice just shook his head.

In summer, the people of file Enchanted Valley returned. They were amazed to see a lake with sparkling blue lake. This was where the big fire had raged and all the snow had melted. “Look what the plan of Ice has given us!” exclaimed the people. They gave him many gifts as a token of thanks.

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