The Elf of the Rose

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Once upon a time an invisible elf used to live inside a bright red rose. One day, when the elf was out it began to snow and the rose closed its petals. Unable to get inside, the elf went and sat on a tree.

A beautiful princess and a man were sitting under the tree. The elf heard the man saying that the girl’s wicked brother would kill him if he found out about their love for each other. The man was about to leave when the princess plucked the rose and gave it to him. Finding the petals of the rose open, the elf quickly went inside. On the way, the lover met the wicked brother who severed his head and buried it in a pit. The elf was horrified to see such a dastardly act and planned to meet the princess and tell her everything. He hid himself inside the brother’s hat and went to the palace with him. At night when the elf buzzed into the princess’s ears, she woke up with a start thinking that she was having a bad dream. The elf introduced himself and told her what had happened to her lover and took her to the same spot.

The princess took the head and plucked .a small jasmine twig that was growing nearby. Every night, as the princesswept in her room, a jasmine flower would appear on the branch.

One day, the wicked brother grew suspicious of his sister and took the branch to his room. As bees swarmed around the beautiful flower every day, the invisible elf told them about the wicked brother.

One night, all the bees gathered around the brother and stung him to death.

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