The Eclipse

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One day, the Moon was under the eclipse of the Sun. There was darkness all over the Moon and she was not able to glow in the light of the Sun. Many hours passed but the darkness stayed.

The Moon did not like being dark, therefore, she complained to the Sun, “My dearest friend, what has stopped you from shining upon me like always? Did I do something wrong? I am so dark and gloomy without your sunlight.”

The Sun replied, “I have not stopped shining upon you, dear friend, I am sure there is some other problem.” The Moon and the Sun could not understand the reason behind this mysterious problem. Suddenly, the Moon saw Planet Earth standing in between him and the Sun.

Angrily, the Moon said to the Sun, “It is Planet Earth standing between us. He has blocked all the light that comes to me from you.”

Planet Earth saw the Moon angry and gave him a naughty smile. Instead of moving out of the way quickly, Planet Earth further slowed down its pace.

The Moon became angrier while the Sun and Earth laughed, loudly!

We must all follow the rules of Nature.

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