The Ear of Corn

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Long, long ago, when God lived on the earth, the soil was very fertile. The stalk of a corn would bear hundreds of ears. But when anyone gets something in plenty, he takes it for granted.

One day, a woman was walking with her daughter along a cornfield. Suddenly, the daughter fell in a puddle and her frock got dirty. Without thinking, the woman quickly tore many beautiful ears of corn to clean her daughter’s frock. When she had cleaned the frock, she carelessly threw the ears of corn on the roadside and walked away.

When God saw her do this, he was very angry and wanted to teach the people a lesson. He declared that corn would no longer have ears. When people heard about the curse, they begged God to leave something on the stalk at least for the chicken that would starve without corn. God took pity on the chicken and left fifty or sixty ears on the corn.

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