The Eagle, the Cat, and the Wild Sow

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An eagle had made its nest at the top of an oak tree, a cat had made its home in a hole in the middle and a sow moved into a hollow at the bottom of the tree. The cunning cat did not want the eagle and the sow to live near her. So she thought of an idea to get rid of them.

She went to the eagle and told her that the sow was trying to uproot the tree so as to eat her young ones once the tree fell down. Then the clever cat went to the sow and said, “The eagle doesn’t like you and has made a plan to attack your little ones and eat them. You must be careful, my friend.” The sow thanked the cat for warning her of the eagle’s intentions.

Both the eagle and the sow believed the cat and did not leave their homes in fear of each other. As a result, they along with their families, died of hunger and starvation and the wicked cat had enough and more food for herself and her kittens.

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