The Eagle, the Cat and the Sow

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Once, at the top of an oak, lived an Eagle. In the middle of the trunk lived a Cat and in a hollow at the foot, lived a Sow with her young ones.

The Cat was very cunning and wanted the whole tree for herself. She planned to drive awaB1y the other two.

She went to the Eagle and said, “Can you see the Sow digging at the roots of the tree? The tree will soon fall and she will eat our families!”

The Cat then went to the Sow and said to her, “The Eagle is waiting for a chance to feed your children to her babies.”

The clever Cat secretly went out at night, got food for her kittens and fed them. She pretended to be

scared and kept watching out for danger the whole day.

The Eagle was so scared that she did not fly anywhere. The Sow, too, was terribly afraid and did not

move out of her hollow at all. Both of them, along with

their families starved and died. The Cat and her family now had plenty of food to eat.

Always try to clear misunderstandings with
friends, rather than blindly believing others.

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