The Eagle and the Woodcutter

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Once upon a time there was a kind woodcutter. One day, when he was returning from the forest after a hard day’s work, he saw a beautiful eagle caught in a trap.

The woodcutter was so overwhelmed by its majestic beauty that he set the eagle free. The eagle flapped its wings happily, looked at the woodcutter in gratitude, and flew away.

A few months later, the woodcutter was sitting on a rock at the top of a steep hill. When he sat down to have his lunch, suddenly an eagle came down at great speed from the sky and flew away with his hat. The man got up at once and ran down the hill after the bird, hoping to get back his hat. Suddenly, he heard a loud crash behind him. The rock on which he was sitting went rolling down the hill and crashed with a thunderous sound.

Then he looked at the eagle. It was the same eagle and had saved the woodcutter’s life.

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