The Eagle and the Fox

Once an eagle and a fox were very close friends. “Let’s live close to each other.” they decided. Sc, the eagle built its nest on a tree while the fox lived in the bushes close by One day, the fox went hunting. The eagle did not have anything to feed her eaglets. “I will get one fox cub,” she thought and fed it to her young ones. When the fox retuned, she was heartbroken. “You cheated me,” she said in anger and sadness.

Soon God punished the eagle. One day the eagle picked up a piece of goat flesh that the villagers had killed as a sacrifice, for her eaglets. She did not know that she was carrying a burning cinder along. The cinder set the nest on fire. The poor little eaglets got hurt. While the eagle cried, the fox said, “God has punished you for breaking a friend’s trust.”

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