The Duck with Red Feet

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Once there lived a hunter. He had a brother who was red-complexioned and was so small that he lived in a small box.

One day, the hunter married. But he did not tell his wife about his little brother. Every night he would keep aside half the food and give it to his little brother when his wife was asleep. His wife became curious and wondered what he did with the food. One night, she pretended to sleep and saw her husband giving the food to the little red man. Next morning when her husband went hunting, she opened the box and brought the little brother out. But he was so frightened that he slipped out of her hands and ran out of the door.

When the hunter returned, he saw his wife’s red hands and found his brother missing. He was very angry and ran after her with a stick. She jumped into a river and became a Sheldrake duck. That is why till today, the Sheldrake ducks have red feet.

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