The Dress

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All Mina wanted to wear for her birthday was her sister Tina’s brand new dress. It was a lovely dress! Tina had not even worn it once, but Mina said, “We are sisters, right? What belongs to me is yours, what is yours will also be mine. So, I can wear your dress for my birthday! I will return it after the party!” Poor Tina! Daddy and Mommy were not happy with Mina. So, next morning, when Mommy and Daddy wished Mina, they gave her two tickets to Water Park, the greatest theme park in town. Tina gave her the beautiful dress and said, “Happy birthday. sis! This dress is for you!” Mina was overjoyed. She never thought getting the dress would be this easy. Daddy said, “The tickets should be Tina’s since she gave you the dress. She can take someone along and have fun all day!” “And, I want to take Mommy with me!” said Tina, “I will return the tickets to you when we are back!”

Mina realised how selfish she had been and returned the beautiful dress to her sister.

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