The Donkey Who Nursed a Silly Dream

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Once upon a time, a donkey worked for a potter. The donkey carried heavy loads for his master. However, the potter was very cruel and used to beat the donkey with a stick, everyday.

One day, the donkey’s cousin who lived in the nearby village came to meet the donkey. The donkey was very pleased to see his cousin and offered him grass and barley to eat. His cousin liked the donkey’s place, and decided to stay on for a day or two.

The next day, the potter put a heavy load on the donkey’s back, and then started beating him with a stick. The donkey’s cousin had never seen such merciless beating in his whole life.

In the evening the cousin asked the donkey, my dear brother, please tell me, do you get beaten up like this every day?”

Trying to smile, the donkey said, “Yes, my dear cousin. My master beats me up everyday.

His cousin asked, “If so, then why don’t you leave your master? Why don’t you run away? What is the charm in staying here?”

The donkey replied, “You see, the potter has a beautiful daughter.”

His cousin interrupted, “So! What are you trying to say?”

The donkey continued, “Whenever the girl makes a mistake or does not obey her father, the potter says, ‘I will marry you off to this donkey.’ You can now understand why I am staying at this place. My future is bright here, you see!

The donkey’s cousin burst into laughter. He could not believe what the donkey was saying. Laughing, the cousin said, “You are silly, my dear brother. The day will never come when the potter will marry off his daughter to you.”


Be practical. Don’t wait for impossible things to happen.

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