The Donkey Skin

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Once there lived a pretty little girl named Rosalind. She lived with her cruel stepmother and her ugly daughter. The stepmother was jealous of Rosalind’s beauty and always wanted her daughter to be prettier than Rosalind.

One day, the stepmother went to the market to buy warm clothes. She got her daughter a lovely fur coat and poor Rosalind a donkey skin. When Rosalind put it on, the donkey skin got stuck to her and would not come off!

Everybody made fun of her and heartbroken Rosalind ran away into the woods. She sat under a tree and sobbed her heart out. A prince chanced to pass by. When he saw Rosalind crying he began to play his magic lute. And lo! The donkey skin peeled off Rosalind’s body!

The prince was captivated by Rosalind’s beauty and fell in love with her. He took her to his kingdom and they were married and lived happily ever after.

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