The Dolphins, the Whales and the Sprat

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In a sea, there lived Dolphins, Whales and many other small colourful fishes.

One day, the Whales harmed the fishes, who were friends of the Dolphins. The Dolphins got angry and started fighting with the Whales.

All the Dolphins gathered to fight against the huge Whales. The Whales said that they were big and strong. The Dolphins said that they were superior to the Whales. It looked like the fight would never stop.

When the fight became ‘rery serious, a Sprat lifted his head out of the sea and said, “I will solve the matter. I can stop the fight, only if you all accept me as your king.”

One of the Dolphins was very wise. He understood that the Sprat was taking advantage of the fight between the Whales and the Dolphins.

He replied, “We might get killed in our fight with each other, but will not let anybody interfere in our matter.”

The Sprat’s idea of ruling over the fishes failed. He understood that the Dolphins were very wise. They knew the interference of a third person would be harmful for everyone.

Never involve an outsider in your internal matters.

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