The Dog and the Wolf

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A hungry wolf was on the prowl. He met a dog passing by and requested him for some food. The dog took pity on the wolf and said, “Cousin, you should also work for a master like me. You will be given good food every day.” The wolf agreed to go with the dog to his master’s place so that he could share the dog’s work. On the way, the wolf noticed that the hair on a certain part of the dog’s neck was worn away.

He asked the dog how that happened. “Oh,” the dog replied, “its just a little thing that’s happened because of the collar that’s put to chain me every night. Earlier it used to annoy me but now I’m used to it so it hardly matters.” On hearing this the wolf said, “I think this is not the right place for me to work in, so I am leaving.”

The wolf thought that it is better to be free and starve than to be a slave and eat well. He thought that he was better off than the dog and went away.

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