The Dog and the Sparrow

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A dog left his master’s house after being forced to starve for several days. On the way, he met a kind sparrow who offered him food and shelter. They became good friends and the sparrow risked his life to steal pieces of meat and bread for the dog. Finally, the dog wanted some rest and slept on one side of the road, while the sparrow kept a vigil over his friend.

A while later, a driver came down the road pulling his horse-drawn wagon and demanded that the dog be removed. The sparrow refused to wake his friend and asked the driver to take another route. Angry, the driver wheeled his wagon over the dog’s body and killed him.

The sparrow was grief-stricken. He leaked the barrels of wine in the wagon and pecked out the horse’s eyes. In anger, the driver lashed his whip at the sparrow and it flew away.

When the driver reached home, his wife dragged him to the rooftop and showed him thousands of birds, which were pecking at their corn. In their midst was the sparrow, who was laughing, seeing the mess. “What sorrow has struck me,” cried out the man. “Not yet,” replied the sparrow.

Mad with anger, the man caught the sparrow and put it in his mouth. The sparrow struggled and screamed, “This will cost you your life.” The man’s wife grabbed a knife and struck at the sparrow. The sparrow escaped in time and the man was killed instead.

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