The Doctor and his Patient

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One day, a Patient went to a Doctor complaining of severe stomachache. The Doctor examined the Patient and told him that the cause of his illness was excessive drinking of wine.

The Doctor prescribed the Patient some medicines and asked him to take them, regularly. The Patient took his medicines on time but did not stop drinking wine. As a result, his stomachache did not go away.

Finally, one day, the Patient died.

The Patient was a powerful man. Thus, a large crowd had gathered for his funeral. The Patient’s friends and relatives were crying over his death. The Doctor had also come for┬áthe funeral. He said to the relatives, “If only our dear friend had stopped drinking wine, he would have been

alive now Though he took his medications on time, he could not leave his drinking habit.”

One of the relatives of the Patient had been listening to the Doctor. He said, “Doctor, your advice is of no

use now! You should have asked your patient to stop drinking wine while he was alive.”

If the right advice is given at a wrong time then it is of no use.

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