The Deer and the Vine

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Two Huntsmen were riding around when they saw a Deer and started chasing it.

The Deer knew that the Huntsmen would kill him, so he ran as fast as he could to save his life. He saw a thick Vine, nearby and hid himself behind the large, leafy Vine leaves. The Huntsmen were riding on very fast horses and were very close behind. They were going so fast that they went paB13st the Vine and the Deer, without stopping.

After a little while, the Deer could not hear the Huntsmen any more. He peeked out slowly and could not see anyone close by.

The Deer thought he was safe. All the running had made him hungry. What could he eat? He saw the Vine and nibbled at a leaf.

The Vine shook as the leaves rustled. But right then, the Huntsmen were returning back and they spotted the Deer at once. One of the men got down on the ground and shot the Deer with an arrow.

The dying Deer said to himself, “It serves me right. If I had not eaten what saved me, I would have been safe right now!”

When we harm someone who helps us, we are harmed ourselves.

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