The Day Dreaming Jackal

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Bhilu was a hunter who belonged to a hill tribe. Every day he went out to hunt for animals using his bow and arrow. He was proud of being an adept archer. One day as he spotted a wild boar in the forest he thought to himself, “This large wild boar is sure to die at my hands. My skill at hunting will put it to an end.”

Then, Bhilu strung his bow and shot a sharp arrow directly to the boar’s back. The arrow tore at the boar’s back and caused a deep wound. In writhing pain and anger the wild boar rushed at Bhilu and pierced his stomach with its sharp and pointed fangs. At once the proud hunter and the wild boar lay dead due to their injuries.

Soon Chamataka, a jackal, came strolling by. At the sight of the dead hunter and the lifeless boar he was filled with glee, “Oh, my fortune ! Today I have found food that will last me for days. Fate was unkind to the hunter and the boar but it has shone for me.”

“The flesh around the arrow’s tip must be soft and delicious to chew. I shall eat the boar’s flesh from there slowly so as to enjoy this treasure.”

So thinking Chamataka proceeded to taste his succulent treat. Just as he bit into the boar’s flesh, the pointed arrow pierced the top of his mouth and came out between his eyes. Soon Chamataka too lay dead as the hunter and the boar.



Think twice before you act!

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