The Day Dreamer

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In a small village there lived a lazy Brahmin Ramdas. He would do nothing but daydream whole day. Whenever he was hungry, he would out, beg for food, come back and laze.

One sunny afternoon, Ramdas was very hungry. With great difficulty, he got up and stretched his arms. Stepping out of his hut, he exclaimed, “What a beautiful day. How I wish I could go back to sleep. But then, I will have to go out and get my food.”

After bathing, Ramdas took out a bowl and out to beg.

“Knock! Knock! Is anybody at home?”

“Who is there?”

“Give me something to eat, good lady of the house and God will fulfill all your dreams!”

By begging the whole day he managed to get a pot full of milk. He hung this pot on the ceiling above, lay down on his bed and started day dreaming again.

“It is this pot of milk that is going to make me rich,” he thought. “I will churn the curds and make butter. From the butter, I will be able to make ghee. I really am clever!”

“I will then go to the market and sell the ghee ” his dream continued. “With the money I get, I will buy a pair of goats. They will have kids after six months. Soon I would have an entire herd of goats.”

“Then I will continue my business. I will barter the goats for cattle. I will buy some more cows and own a farmhouse. I will start a dairy farm. Once I earn a handsome amount I will employ people in my farm. I can also open a sweet shop in the middle of the village. I will make sweets out of the cow’s milk.” The Brahmin kept smiling to himself.

“How smart I am,” he thought. “The day I become a rich businessman I will build a big house right in the middle of the village. There will be a splendid garden and a swimming pool in front of the house. Early morning I will bathe in the blue waters of the pool. Seeing such a lavish lifestyle, the village headman will come to my house and plead for my hand for his beautiful daughter.” “After I get married,” Ramdas continued dreaming. “I’ll make her work throughout the day.

If she fights with me, I will jump up and give her a kick!”

Engrossed in his thoughts, he struck out with his foot, breaking the pot, and drenched himself with the milk.

He saw the broken pot and cried. He lost whatever he had because of his laziness and day dreaming.


To achieve your ambitions in life, it is best to work

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