The Dancing Teapot

A ragman found a badger caught in a trap. Being good at heart, he set it free. The badger was actually an enchanted being. In order to repay the ragman’s kindness, the badger turned himself into a beautiful teapot and slipped inside his bag. The ragman was sur­prised to find the lovely teapot and presented it to the temple priests.

One day, one of the priests heard the teapot cry on being put to boil. Frightened, the priests gave the teapot back to the ragman. At night, the rag­man saw that the teapot had changed itself and looked somewhat like a badger. At the teapot’s request, he took it to the market nearby where it danced in front of all. Every­one was delighted and started paying the ragman upon see­ing such a wonderful sight. When the ragman became very rich, he decided to give the teapot a well-deserved rest. He took it to the temple and requested the priests to look after it.

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