The Dancing Monkeys

A prince had monkeys in his court that could dance. As monkeys are natural mimics, they looked wonderful in their rich clothes and masks, dancing very much like human beings. Word spread far and wide about their unique performance and people from all over flocked to see them perform every day. Everyone was amazed at the monkeys’ intelligence.

One day, a mischievous courtier thought of playing a trick on the monkeys. When the monkeys were dancing, he took a pocketful of nuts and threw them upon the stage. As soon as the monkeys saw the nuts, they forgot dancing and leapt to grab them. They pulled off their masks and tore their robes fighting with each other for the nuts. Everyone started laughing at the entertaining sight.

The people realised that even though they looked like humans they actually were animals.

2 thoughts on “The Dancing Monkeys

  1. well you can dress up as an intelligent human, get elected for office, look good in your new clothes but still you are a fool. I.e. AOC

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